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Art Commissions


0/3 slots are currently filled

budgebuttons@deviantArt | budgebuttons@tumblr

If you are interested in a commission, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post and plop it in the comments. (They are screened.) I will respond to your comment, confirming the price of your selection and that I have received your request. Payment is made via PayPal to laurenkrugh[dot]art[at]gmail[dot]com, unless you are commissioning a sketch, in which case you may choose between going through PayPal or just sending me Dreamwidth points of equal value. It's fine if you would prefer to pay me after the artwork is finished. I will link you to a full resolution upload of the image when it is done.

Click each image to view it at full resolution.

Sketch - $10 - add another character for $5
Note: Feel free to request a transparent version of the file and color it yourself. Please credit the original to me if you post your colored version.

Line art - $18 - add another character for $12
Note: Feel free to request a transparent version of the file and color it yourself. Please credit the original to me if you post your colored version anywhere.

Cel shaded - $28 - add another character for $20

Soft shaded - $45 - add another character for $30

Fully painted - $65 - add another character for $38
Note: If you opt for a transparent background for a fully painted figure, the base price drops to $55.

A few things to keep in mind:
  • Original and canon characters are all great, as are varying levels of human or antro characters.
  • Please give me the best reference you can, especially if your character, for whatever reason, is difficult to find in an image search.
  • I will draw mature content, as long as you are 18+ and it's nothing too extreme. As far as subject matter is concerned, if you think I may be iffy about it, feel free to ask anyway.
  • If I take longer than 2 weeks on a piece, feel free to poke me about it! But also please understand that I'm a working student, and that a lot of hours can be required for a picture, depending on its complexity.
  • I do not commission icons specifically, but you may use anything you commission from me in an icon. I just ask that you credit me on your icons page or in your journal somewhere.
  • You may also use my work in journal/blog themes, as long as you credit me.
  • You may not post my work to artist portfolio sites such as DeviantArt, as this would be claiming it as your own. Sharing the work of others is not the intention of those sites.
  • You may not post my work to Tumblr. I'll gladly link you to my own post of the work if you'd like to reblog it, though!
  • If you have a different sort of project in mind that doesn't fit any of the options I've listed, don't be afraid to ask about it anyway. This set list is mostly for price consistency.
  • Any further questions? Leave a comment here, or send me a PM!

    If you would like to commission me, please fill out this form and leave it in the comments.

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